StyleNameGuest stars
Pop Rock Let's All Speak Klingon guitar: Brett Robinson
drums: Adam Muccino
Damn You, Vending Machine (is in need of guest stars!)
There's a Hobo in My Backyard guitar: Brett Robinson
drums: Adam Muccino
Shoreline moral support: Roman Veselinov
Heavy Metal? No Evil's Safe from Colander Man
Rock It Might be Easy for You (from Quadrant 5) lyrics, guitar, vocals: Brett Robinson
drums: Adam Muccino
Folk The Asylum Song
Electronic The AOL Song
I've Got Mail
Xenon2G-Pollice Gary Pollice vs. Lakota tribe vs. Bitmap Brothers vs. Tim Simenon vs. Bomb the Bass vs. John Carpenter vs. Lalo Schifrin vs. Led Zeppelin vs. Sly and the Family Stone
??? The Ninja Theme drums: Leroy Badahadatay
Ad Infinitum +
Ephemeral Song Of You lyrics: Roman Veselinov
Dark Clouds lyrics/chords: Roman Veselinov
Noise Rock Many MIDI Haunting Song arrangement: Roman Veselinov
With Great Apologies to Bill Watterson OH MY GOD DO NOT TURN UP YOUR SPEAKERS
Prose Life of a Popcorn Kernel lyrics: Katie Kelly