Pie Menus for Tkinter

This is the inital release of an implementation of pie menus for Tkinter. If you don't know what pie menus are, visit http://www.piemenus.com/ for some information. The API for the PieMenu object is mostly compatible with that of the standard Tkinter Menu object, and should be a drop-in replacement for simpler menus.

Unlike Jens Tinz's beautiful Radial Context Menu plugin for Mozilla Firefox, these aren't terribly fancy-looking (due to limitations of Tk), but they are quite functional. You can view a quick demonstration by running the module directly ('python piemenu.py').

Apart from the initial 'from piemenu import PieMenu', usage is nearly identical to that of a Tkinter Menu, so I won't bore you with details.

PieMenu is free for use and distribution, so long as the original copyright notice is retained and no direct profit is made from use or distribution.

Download current (v0.1.1, .py)
Fixed off-by-one errors in indexing (made consistent with Tk, inconsistent with Python).
Download v0.1 (.py)
Inital release.

E-mail bugs, comments, suggestions, etc. to squirrel AT wpi DOT edu.